What is happening in Pakistan?

Torrential monsoon rains in Pakistan have killed over 1000 people, destroyed 220,000 homes and badly damaged nearly half a million more, leaving over 33 million people displaced. The floods in Pakistan have also submerged agricultural land, killed livestock and crop and contaminated vital water sources. Pakistan flood victims are in desperate need of emergency aid now to survive.

How have the Pakistan Floods effected the local population?

The Pakistani government has declared the flooding a national disaster. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been swept away leaving desperate families living in tents on the side of the roads. Victims have lost all their personal belongings and have little to no money to buy food or water. And those who do, no longer have the facilities to cook food.

Children are contracting water-borne illnesses due to water contamination and many are battling to survive. Millions of lives and livelihoods have been severely damaged causing a humanitarian catastrophe that will continue to affect the population for years to come.

How is FFPS responding to the Pakistan Floods?

Our teams are on the ground right now in the worst-hit areas including Baluchistan, Sindh and South Punjab responding to the crisis.

We are providing cooked meals with water as well as distributing food parcels and emergency relief packs including food, kitchen utensils, tents, and hygiene kits to address the immediate needs of the victims. We have also set up medical camps to provide health care and medicines.

In the longer-term, when the floods dry out, we will be rebuilding houses to rehome victims and help families rebuild their lives. The houses will be built with cemented platform bases and iron roofs to reduce the risk of damage in the future.

How can you help the Pakistan flood victims?

By donating to our Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal today you will be helping us respond to the immediate and longer term needs of the flood victims.

You can help us provide emergency food, clean water and medical care to victims to help save and protect lives. You can also help us build family homes to help rebuild lives in Pakistan.

Please donate whatever you can in Sadaqah or Zakat today.


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